Education Articles

2 Mar 20

Project Update: Rebuilding Communities in Gorkha

Gorkha, in Northern Nepal, is a region that has seen consistently high levels on multiple poverty indicators. The region was heavily impacted by the severe earthquake in 2015, cutting off villages and destroying vital infrastructure, leaving communities in Gorkha extremely vulnerable. Funded by the Big Lottery Foundation (BLF), PHASE began…

19 Feb 20

Empowering Women and Girls in Nepal

This week we’ve launched our new impact report, which focuses on how we change lives through integrated programmes in health, education and livelihoods. For our 2019 Impact Report, we wanted to focus on a growing area of our work, women’s empowerment. Whether we’re increasing capacity for maternal healthcare, supporting mothers’…

12 Feb 20

Life in the Far West

Dilys Noble, a trustee and coordinator of our GP Mentoring Scheme, recently travelled to Far West Nepal to visit some of our project areas. In the following blog post, she recounts her experiences and gives us an insight into what it is like to live and work within the remote…

1 Oct 19

Project Update: Rebuilding Communities

In April 2015, news outlets around the world reported that Nepal had been hit by two devastating earthquakes. One of the areas most badly affected was Gorkha. Here, it was more than just a news story. Homes, farms and schools were destroyed as well as critical infrastructure. The damage left…

23 Jan 19

Celebrating World Education Day with PHASE

January 24 is World Education Day. Education is a human right, a public good and a social responsibility. Inclusive and equitable quality education is vital in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that is currently leaving millions of people behind. Today, 262 million children and adolescents do…

25 Oct 18

DFID Funded Health Project 2014 – 2017

PHASE has recently finished running a three-year project (July 2014 – July 2017) funded by DFID which aimed to reduce maternal and child mortality among the marginalised populations of 18,000 people in far west Nepal. Through improving access to nutritious food and basic health services, and furthering women’s empowerment, we…

6 Sep 18

Improving Access to Education for all

At just 10 years old, Kanchha dropped out of school and gave up on his studies after reaching grade 4. His family are extremely poor and live in a small hut constructed from tin sheets they received after the earthquake. He is the youngest of four siblings. Both his older…

21 Aug 18

Project Update: Rebuilding communities and livelihoods in Gorkha, Nepal. A BLF Funded Project

The Big Lottery Fund (BLF) supports our ‘Rebuilding Communities’ project in Nepal. This combines education, health and agricultural training programmes as well as infrastructural re-building work. This is a five-year project and we are pleased to share with you the project activities and impact in the second year of the…

8 Nov 16

Education and Female Empowerment in Kolti, Nepal

In Kolti, a village in the Bajura district of far Western Nepal, PHASE has been working hard on important education and empowerment projects. The Bajura district is one of the most impoverished areas of Nepal. It lacks basic infrastructure and it is extremely difficult to access. Literacy rates, therefore, are extremely…