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We estimate that every £1 donated in the UK is worth about 15 times that amount in real terms when spent in Nepal.


Discover how £5 can provide health care for 30 people.

£5 – One health or hygiene education session.

PHASE runs health and hygiene campaigns with the help of local schools and mothers groups. These include education programmes, cleaning campaigns, debates in school, and lessons on making baby weaning food and basic child health.

£18 – Household toilet.

PHASE support households to purchase materials and shows families how to build toilets.

£20 – Three day awareness level training for one school teacher.

This supports teachers to improve classroom management and move away from rote learning and encourage children’s critical thinking skills.

£40 – One months supply of classroom material.  

This will provide books, stationary items and teaching resources for an alternative school

£50 – Agricultural skill development training for one day for 20 villagers.  

This could be about animal husbandry, horticulture or off-season vegetable production.

£60 – Health worker training.  

This is provided by doctors attached to PHASE, the support include teaching materials and accommodation for the trainees.

£80 – Dental training for one health worker.  

This includes essential dental training and refresher training to PHASE health workers and governmental supported health workers.

£100 – One months supply of essential medicines for a health post.

£120 – An adult literacy programme. 

For up to 25 villagers for 6 months (this includes the salary of a local trainer – £20 per month).

£150 – One months salary for Alternative Education Class teacher.

For 30 children (at an average cost of 25p per child per day).

£200 – One month’s salary for an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife to staff a health post. 

PHASE funds Auxiliary Nurse Midwifes (a health worker with special focus on safe motherhood and child health) to work at the sub-health post for 3 days of the week and to run an outreach clinic in a different part of the region on the remaining 3 days.

£400 – Water supply system construction (5 taps).  

PHASE supports the community to bring clean the water to the village.

£480 – School toilets and water supply system.  

PHASE provides advice and supports schools to refurbish or build these facilities by working alongside the community.