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The PHASE Family

PHASE Worldwide is one third of the PHASE family. PHASE Worldwide and PHASE Nepal were established together back in 2005 to support each other. PHASE Austria was established later in 2007, and together, we all work together towards our shared vision and charitable objectives.


PHASE Worldwide is a UK registered Charity (Registered Charity Number: 1112734) based in Rotherham. We have a small and dynamic team of 3 part time staff who are responsible for raising funds, awareness and support for project work in Nepal. We deliver joint projects through financial support to our partner PHASE Nepal which are funded by individual supporters or through Trusts, Foundations, and Institutions. We also contribute skilled volunteers through our GP                                                        Mentoring Programme where qualified medical professionals visit Nepal                        to offer support and training to local Nepali health workers.



PHASE Worldwide works with PHASE Austria, an Austrian non-profit association (eingetragener gemeinnütziger Verein), Central Associations Register no. 161877083. Together we plan and collaborate on supporting joint projects in Nepal. We share our knowledge, best practices and funding opportunities to enable our partner PHASE Nepal to do more work.



PHASE Nepal is a Non-Governmental Organisation registered under the organisational registration Act 2034 of Nepal with the District Administration Office (Registration Number: 531/062/063) and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal under section 13 of the Social Welfare Act 1992 (SWC No. 19336). PHASE Nepal has 160 Nepali staff based across Nepal. We currently work together to deliver health, education, and livelihoods projects across Nepal. All of PHASE Worldwide’s project work is developed and implemented by PHASE Nepal and we have significant confidence in in this way of working. Our most successful projects have a focus on local people from start to finish. When local people have ownership of projects there is greater sustainability and impact. This method of working together has been a cornerstone of our partnership since 2005.