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16 Oct 19

World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated on October 16th every year. It marks a day of collective action by over 125 countries to encourage healthy and sustainable food choices for all as well as sustainable food production and distribution. Many communities around the world are increasingly impacted by the effects of…

1 Oct 19

Project Update: Rebuilding Communities

In April 2015, news outlets around the world reported that Nepal had been hit by two devastating earthquakes. One of the areas most badly affected was Gorkha. Here, it was more than just a news story. Homes, farms and schools were destroyed as well as critical infrastructure. The damage left…

24 Sep 19

Support Responsible Tourism

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), tourism is the leading source of employment globally. It provides new jobs, generates capital and acts as a driver for equality, allowing women and young people in rural areas to generate income and support their families. In countries like Nepal, tourism…

18 Sep 19

#RosieRuns: Update Feed

This post is an update feed for our patron Rosie Swale Pope. We will be regularly updating this page with news, pictures and stories from Rosie’s run from England to Kathmandu. Check back regularly for more information. 13 October 2019 As if running from England to Nepal wasn’t enough, Rosie…

4 Sep 19

Goodbye Clare

Clare Regan has been volunteering with us for the past five months. As a valuable member of our team, she brought passion and enthusiasm to our work. It is now time for her to say goodbye as she takes a leap into the unknown and moves to Holland, in pursuit…

28 Aug 19

One from the Archives: After the Earthquakes

Dr Parun Sekhri is a GP working in the UK. When Nepal was hit by two devastating earthquakes in April 2015, Parun headed to Nepal to offer medical assistance. On his return, Parun reported on his experience supporting healthcare provision in Gorkha, an area badly affected by the earthquakes and…

21 Aug 19

Mushrooms: Income and Nutrition

Women in Nepal are growing mushrooms to improve nutrition and generate income. Packed full of proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals, mushrooms hold incredible nutritional value. Mushroom cultivation has the potential to address issues of extreme poverty and malnutrition in Nepal, as well as provide a sustainable source of income for…

5 Aug 19

Nutrition: Prevention over Treatment

We understand the importance of good nutrition in ensuring healthy communities. Our programmes incorporate nutrition into our primary healthcare support and agricultural training, for communities living in some of the most remote regions of Nepal. As we work towards ending malnutrition in accordance to Goal 2: Zero Hunger of the United…

30 Jul 19

Addressing Malnutrition in Mugu

Last year, PHASE Worldwide launched a programme aimed at tackling causes of malnutrition in women and children living in Mugu, where the number of children with global acute malnutrition is extremely high. Funded by the department for international development (DFID), the project will last three years, during which time we…