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26 May 20

Coronavirus: Actions in Nepal

In Nepal, the number of positive Covid-19 cases is gradually increasing. As of 26th May 2020, there have been 682 confirmed cases, 109 recovered, and sadly, 4 deaths. Until now, most of the confirmed cases have been returning migrants from India in the southern border districts. 569 are in isolation, with a further 39,000 in…

29 Apr 20

Strengthening Health Systems

The current global health crisis is shining a light on the importance of strong, well-equipped health systems, and the dedication of highly trained and skilled health workers. Since we began in 2005, PHASE’s work has always focused on strengthening health systems, building resilience to emergencies and improving long-term health outcomes….

28 Apr 20

Update: Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is with us all for the foreseeable future and as such we are increasingly concerned about its impact on vulnerable communities in the remote project areas we support in Nepal. Rudra Neupane, Programme Manager of PHASE Nepal and PHASE Worldwide Director Tom Edwards have recently shared the…

28 Apr 20

Project Update: Rebuilding Communities

Covid-19 has currently put a pause to all regular project activities. However, our rebuilding communities project in Gorkha has seen significant progress over the past few months, prior to the pandemic. Here are the most recent updates from our project areas in Gorkha, project activities will resume once things start…

29 Mar 20

Fighting Hunger in Nepal

Ensuring food security is a key part of our integrated health, education and livelihoods projects. The term ‘food security’ is widely understood as the ability of all people at all times to have access to sufficient and nutritious food. The achievement of food security is a universal aim, with recent…

26 Mar 20

#RosieRuns: Update Feed

Welcome to the Rosie Runs Update Feed. We will be regularly updating this page with news, pictures, and stories from Rosie’s run from the UK to Kathmandu. Check back regularly for more information.   26 March 2020 Rosie is continuing on her journey for the time being, despite Coronavirus. She…

18 Mar 20

Statement from PHASE Worldwide on Covid-19

Just like many of you, PHASE Worldwide is concerned about the serious threat that is Covid-19 in the UK, Nepal, and across the world. The safety and wellbeing of all people involved with the charity is paramount to us. For now, our staff are functioning remotely, but still with phone…

2 Mar 20

Project Update: Rebuilding Communities in Gorkha

Gorkha, in Northern Nepal, is a region that has seen consistently high levels on multiple poverty indicators. The region was heavily impacted by the severe earthquake in 2015, cutting off villages and destroying vital infrastructure, leaving communities in Gorkha extremely vulnerable. Funded by the Big Lottery Foundation (BLF), PHASE began…

24 Feb 20

Project Update: Addressing Malnutrition in Mugu

A good nutrition-base sets a solid foundation for all aspects of life. Incorporating nutritional education into our primary health care support and agricultural training will be beneficial for strengthening health amongst women and children living in some of Nepal’s most rural communities. These efforts will also play a role in…