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Our Story

PHASE Worldwide was founded in 2005. Since then, we’ve grown into a charity which has raised millions of pounds. Every year, the work we support changes the lives of over 50,000 people.  

PHASE Worldwide was set up around a kitchen table in Rotherham by a group of friends with a love for Nepal. Together, they wanted to start a charity which focused on supporting projects in health, education, and livelihoods. This is where the PHASE Worldwide journey began. Today our work is focused in Nepal, but we plan to expand our support into other countries in the future.


Our Mission

Through our partner organisation, PHASE Worldwide empowers isolated communities through integrated and sustainable programmes in health, education, and livelihoods.


Our Vision and Values

We believe that everyone, everywhere, even those in the most remote places in the world, should have access to primary healthcare, basic education, and livelihoods opportunities.

As a charity, we have a core set of values that are embedded in all our work both in the UK and overseas.


Our Approach

We support projects in some of the most remote and rural communities in Nepal and the world. In these areas, poor health, low levels of education and few livelihood opportunities trap people in a cycle of poverty. This cycle prevents people from taking control of their lives. Through our local partner PHASE Nepal, we support integrated and sustainable health, education, and livelihood projects. We enable people to access knowledge, skills, services, whilst at the same time, strengthening local government provision.

All of our work, both overseas and in the UK, is based on empowerment. We believe that all aspects of our work should make people stronger and more confident. This applies to people involved in the projects we support, staff working for PHASE Worldwide, as well as supporters who join us to support our vision.

Sustainability is a key part of our work, facilitated by the involvement of people at all stages of programme development and our commitment to the strengthening and expansion of existing government services. We aim to make a lasting difference, but not to stay.


By following this approach, our work has delivered positive and lasting impact on the communities we work with year after year.