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28 Jul 20

#RosieRuns: Update Feed

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20 August 2020

Rosie stopped off in Bristol to visit the PHASE Worldwide team on her way from Land’s End to John O’Groats. The team were very happy to see her and had a lovely time hearing about her stories from the road.


10 July 2020

Rosie is back on home soil and is running from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Don’t worry, she will be resuming her run to Kathmandu once she is able to, but until then she will be keeping fit and inspiring everyone as she runs the length of the UK, adhering to social distancing recommendations.


26 March 2020

Rosie is continuing on her journey for the time being, despite Coronavirus. She is self-isolating as she makes her way along the coast of the black sea.


8 March 2020

Rosie celebrating International Women’s Day in Eregli, Turkey where she was kindly invited to speak by the local Mayor. Rosie is an ambassador for female empowerment wherever she goes. As Rosie says – “every day is women’s day!”


19 December 2019

Rosie crosses Bosphorus Bridge, yet another iconic location, this time marking her transition from Europe into Asia. Rosie received a police escort across the bridge as pedestrians are not usually allowed to cross – but Rosie being Rosie, exceptions were made. A picture of Rosie on the Bosphorus Bridge also made it into the Guardian’s Photo of the Day section (photo credit: Elif Ozturk).


11 December 2019

Rosie was featured live on Sky News, talking about her current adventure to Nepal and some of her past stories, including a chance encounter with the wolf who poked its head into her tent many years ago. Thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch the interview live.


5 December 2019

Rosie was joined by runners running north on Galata Bridge as she arrived in Istanbul. Rosie was featured on media outlets all over the world and even went viral for a while. Istanbul marks the start of the next phase of her journey across Turkey, into Georgia and on to Nepal. Rosie is heading back to the UK for a short while to see her family and make some TV appearances before heading back out to continue her journey.


14 November 2019

Rosie has just crossed the border into Turkey, where she was met by a warm welcome and a handful of journalists and reporters. It turns out that a few of those reporters work for some of the biggest news outlets in Turkey, and Rosie soon found herself making the headlines yet again. Only a few hundred miles to Istanbul now, and Rosie is continuing to meet amazing people and make new friends every step of the way. (Photo: Onedio Gündem)


13 October 2019

As if running from England to Nepal wasn’t enough, Rosie has just competed in the Sofia 10k along the way – just for fun! Rosie joined hundreds of runners in a last-minute entry, heading back to Bulgaria from England where she had been visiting family for her birthday. She ran well, and probably appreciated running and not pulling ‘Ice Chick’ for a while. We’ll be sure to add on 10km to the final total when Rosie makes finally it Kathmandu.


08 October 2019

Rosie came back to the UK to meet up with Ben, our Communications and Fundraising Officer, over a cup of tea at Paddington Station to catch up on her progress and check-in with how she is doing. “It’s exciting to be in constant communications with someone doing something so incredible. For her to find the time to meet up with me during one of the most incredible journeys of her life, really demonstrates her support for our work”.


02 October 2019

Happy birthday Rosie! Rosie has just turned 73 whilst running through Bulgaria. Even though she is another year older, she is not showing any signs of slowing down.


21 September 2019

Rosie has made it to Bulgaria. Both border control checkpoints were helpful and friendly and got Rosie and Ice Chick through safely. Only 57 km to Sofia and only 615 km to Istanbul!


19 September 2019

On her way from Serbia towards Bulgaria, Rosie had to run over a mountain. After spending many hours pulling her cart ‘Ice Chick’ up the steep gradient, then trying not to get run over by her as she made her way down the other side, Rosie was exhausted. It was then that she made a new friend, a 73-year-old man also making his way along the steep roads by foot. He was carrying a large bag full of water bottles back to his home. Seeing that Rosie was tired, he offered one to her, but Rosie did not accept it. Rosie said “I was thirsty but I could not take it. Imagine, toiling for hours and then having the generosity to want to give it to me”.


14 August 2019

Rosie has been featured on the ExplorersWeb, a publication dedicated to sharing stories of adventure from across the globe. Author Ash Routen reveals some of the nitty-gritty details from Rosie’s run to Kathmandu and her life on the road. Read the full article here.


23 July 2019

Rosie visited Lufthansa Technik Budapest where she delivered a talk about her latest adventure, her from England to Nepal. She was greeted with open arms and smiling faces by the Lufthansa staff who even posed for photos with Rosie on the runway as she attempted to race a jumbo jet. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if she won!

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