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PHASE Worldwide Complaints Procedure

Without your support we would not be able to continue to change the lives of isolated communities in Nepal. However, we understand that there may be times when we do not meet our own high standards. When this does happen, we want to hear about it, deal with the situation and put measures in place to stop it happening again.

PHASE Worldwide seeks to deal with comments and complaints in a respectful, open, timely and responsible way within the constraints of our resources. We take complaints very seriously and treat them as an opportunity to develop as it is vitally important to us we are accountable to our staff, volunteers, and supporters.

This policy covers feedback about the PHASE Worldwide mission and values, strategies, policies, objectives, decisions, activities, governance, performance, use of resources, and the behaviour of, for example, our staff and volunteers and board members.

How to give feedback

You can contact us in whichever way is most convenient to you: mail, phone or email.

PHASE Worldwide,
Brunswick Court,
Brunswick Square,

0117 9166423 (Monday to Friday – from 9am to 5pm)


Please remember to include your name, address and contact telephone number so we can get back in touch with you easily.

What happens after I submit my feedback?

Your feedback will be logged and you will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within 3 working days of receipt. We aim to respond fully and conclusively to all feedback within 7 working days. If the complaint is of serious and a more complex nature you will receive an acknowledgement within 5 working days but a full conclusive feedback report may take longer than the 7-working day guideline, the PHASE Worldwide team will work together to agree on the best way to get back in contact with you. PHASE Worldwide will always ensure that all complaints are dealt with in a sensitive and thorough manner.

What we will do?

We will work to fix problems, correct mistakes and address concerns in a way that pleases you. Please feel free when contacting us about a complaint, to let us know how you think it could be resolved. We want to reach the best possible outcome.

We will always treat you with courtesy and respect, listen to what you say, keep you informed about our progress, provide you with a prompt response and tell you where to go to if you want to take your complaint further.

In the situation, we receive a complaint that does not relate directly to something PHASE Worldwide has done or that we are not able to comment on we will advise you on who to contact with your complaint. We are a small charity with limited resources and we must use these in the best possible to way.

There may be rare occasions when we choose not to respond to a complaint at all. These include:

  • When a complaint is about something PHASE Worldwide has no direct connection to.
  • When someone unreasonably pursues a complaint that we have already responded to.
  • When a complaint is abusive, prejudiced, or offensive in their manner.
  • When the complaint is harassing a staff member.
  • When a complaint is incoherent or illegible.
  • When a complaint has clearly been sent to us and numerous other organisation as part of a bulk mailing or email.

In these cases, we will inform you of our decision that we are not inclined to respond or take the complaint further.

Who else can help?

PHASE Worldwide is committed to the highest standard in fundraising practices. If your complaint is to do with fundraising and you feel that is has been unresolved by our team then the Fundraising Regulator can investigate your complaint.

You must contact them within two months of receiving your response from us. Contact to the Fundraising Regulator can be made via the online complaints form:

Or by contacting them at:

Fundraising Regulator

2nd Floor, CAN Mezzanine

49-51 East Road

London, N1 6AH

0300 999 3407 

Alternatively, if your complaint is related to another area of our work and you do not feel satisfied with our response then you can contact The Charity Commission at the address below.

The Charity Commission

PO Box 1227


L69 3UG

Or by telephone: 0845 3000 218

Our pledge

PHASE Worldwide is committed to treating all comments and complaints as an opportunity to improve. We are happy to acknowledge mistakes we have made and sincerely apologise for them and take special measures to ensure the prevention of such mistakes again. Thank you for your support and all feedback you give to the charity in providing a better service.

If you would like to make a complaint directly to PHASE Worldwide’s Whistleblowing Officer, please see our Whistleblowing Policy here.