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1 May 19

Bristol to Base Camp 2019 Success: A Photo Journal

The Bristol to Base Camp team have just returned home from tackling the dizzying heights of the Himalayas. Over 19 long days, the team trekked from Lukla to Everest Base Camp, to raise money for PHASE. Most of the team had never completed anything like this before, and were challenging themselves the whole way through. So far, the team has raised almost £45,000. Assembled below are some of the amazing photos captured by team members on their monumental journey.

The team arrived in Kathmandu and had a few hours to relax before their real journey began. By relax we mean hang out with some refreshments in a beautiful garden and eat delicious momos and dal bhat… sounds pretty nice actually.

Soon it was time to go, assembled at the foot of their trek, excitement was at an all time high.Kitted out in their limited edition Bristol to Base Camp gear, the team were good to go.One step at a time, they started making their way up… …looking great the entire time. But the country around them was beautiful too, and the scale of this challenge began revealing itself to them.

As the team progressed, they passed through remote villages, pine forests and valleys, always stopping to appreciate the view… and take a quick team photo. Higher up, prayer flags and shrines became the only evidence of human activity. Their colours stuck out against the bleak landscape from miles away, much like the teams backpacks.As the team trekked into higher altitudes, the terrain became more rocky. Only the toughest plants were clinging onto the rocky surfaces.And the occasional yak. Making the most of the grass dotted around the glacial valleys. Someone had left this guy here and was probably going to be coming back for him later.Sooner or later, the team were left with just themselves for company.And their mountain guides, who not only made sure the team were safe, but made sure we got lots of great photographs.

Photo opportunities were a plenty as the team journeyed on through tougher and tougher terrain, on the approach to Everest Base Camp.Soon it really started to feel that the team were alone on the roof of the world. Nothing really grew up here, except their anticipation to reach Base Camp. And sooner or later, after many ‘just one more hill’s, the team had finally made it to Everest Base Camp.It was a strange place to call a home, but so many people do as they prepare themselves to tackle the world’s highest peak. Our team had accomplished their mission, and now it was time for them to retrace their steps, back down the mountains they had climbed, and return home.Slowly colour came back into the landscape, grasses hugged the sides of the valleys and the air felt heavier. The sun was shining and the team were making good progress down the mountains. And of course, once they got to the bottom, there was always time for a quick team photo.

The team had completed there mission and and the money they have raised so far will go towards supporting PHASE Worldwide’s work in Nepal.

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