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Mansha’s Story

Healthcare can be hard to access in rural areas which means that births often take place at home; unattended by healthcare professionals which can put both mother and baby at risk. One of our main aims is to provide the appropriate support and treatment for mothers at all stages of maternity. The primary care centre in Kolti is the largest Health Post supported by PHASE Nepal and makes care easier to access for the community. 

At 18 years old, Mansha was pregnant with her first child. There’s a higher chance of birthing complications when pregnant at a younger age so she made sure to attend all four antenatal care check-ups with PHASE midwives throughout her pregnancy. She came to the Kolti health post when she went into labour but was having difficulties with it progressing. Staff consulted with her, and at 5 am she had an emergency helicopter transfer to the hospital in Surkhet for a C-section. 

At 7 am she delivered her son, and both were safe and healthy. Once back in Kolti, she continued to receive postnatal care. Her mother-in-law later said to PHASE staff that Mansha’s “suffering was lowered due to your (the midwives’) knowledge and suggestions. If we had to travel by road” the journey would have taken another “24 hours”. This case highlights how important it is to have access to immediate and continued professional healthcare support. There can be serious detriments to the mother and baby’s health during labour when there is not appropriate care available. Thanks to the team in Nepal’s quick response and ability to refer her to a larger facility for surgery MK had a safe delivery. 

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