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Lalkala lives in Mugu and is an active member of a PHASE Livelihood farmers group. Speaking with PHASE, she shared how becoming a member of the farmers group had helped her family. “In the past, we would mostly plant grains because that was the only thing possible for us to produce due to the weather. But the grains only supported us for 6-7 months on the year.” 

She continued, “Recently, I became a member of the farmers group and I’m so happy with my decision. Before, my family had no choice than to eat only plain rice or pulses, but now after the training I received, I have been able to produce enough vegetables to feed my whole family. I didn’t imagine we would ever produce this many vegetables! I have cabbage, capsicums, cucumbers, cauliflowers in my garden. For the very first time! “

Lalkala lives with her family of seven and has a daughter who had a complicated delivery. Now, Lalkala is pregnant again, but shared her optimism for the future. “Because I didn’t have enough nutritious food, my first delivery was premature and underweight. This time, I have enough green vegetables and I have been trying to prepare food for myself, following the advice from the ANMs.” 

With the support of PHASE technical officers in Mugu, we have been supporting local farmer’s groups with training on vegetable farming, kitchen gardening, improved seeds, onfield technical advice and agro-tools. 

Lalkala shared, “I have learned the benefits of having vegetables in my kitchen. I am pregnant again, but this time I am able to have plenty of healthy food. I don’t have to stress about what to cook for our next meal! I hope I will be able to deliver a healthy baby this time.” 

Her husband continued, “We are glad to have been in the PHASE livelihood farmers group. It has benefitted us a lot. We learned new techniques to plant seasonal and off-seasonal vegetables. This way we can have vegetables for the whole year and I now understand why new techniques and seeds are so essential. Thank you PHASE for giving us a happy family!” 

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The majority of Mugu is rural, aside from an urban town in its centre.

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