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Jagged Globe

Jagged Globe is PHASE’s official trekking partner.

PHASE receives 10% commission if you mention us when booking a place on any of their Nepal trips.

Like PHASE, Jagged Globe are based in the Sheffield area. For 27 years they have been at the forefront of mountaineering expeditions, mountaineering courses, adventurous skiing and high-altitude treks.

Worried about trekking due to the 2015 earthquakes? 

Jagged Globe ran most of their Autumn 2015 treks in Nepal, and the Managing Director Simon Lowe reported from Namche Bazaar, situated on the trail to the Everest Base Camp:

“The trails are showing nothing more than the usual damage one would expect during the monsoon – nothing untoward or worrying. In short, there is no reason at all, that is evident, not to trek here…Jagged Globe teams have been in the Khmbu region, Annapurna region, to Mera Peak and have completed the Dhaulagiri Circuit in Autumn 2015. We have seen little evidence of the earthquake, so there’s no reason why trekking and climbing in these areas is higher risk than it would usually be.”

Dr. Gerda Pohl – a PHASE Founder Trustee who is based in Nepal, has traveled extensively in the country and works in an International Health Clinic in Kathmandu – has written about how to remain safe whilst trekking in Nepal.



Jagged Globe offer an introductory course for those with no experience of winter mountaineering:


Introductory Long Weekend in Scotland

This is designed for people who wish to learn the fundamental skills needed to walk or climb safely in Scotland during the winter months. You will leave having mastered essential skills of cramponing, ice axe arrests, avalanche awareness, and how to move safely over steep ground. This three-day course is excellent technical preparation for participation in Grade 1 expeditions, such as Kilimanjaro and Stok Kangri.

Jagged Globe also runs the following treks in the Himalayas of Nepal:


Everest 3 Peaks 3 Passes

Described as the ultimate Everest trekking experience – this route to the Everest base camp is longer and more challenging than the twenty-day trek as it crosses three high passes that are not on the standard Everest trail. As well as these passes, trekkers will also ascend three walking peaks which offer superb views of a westerly approach to Everest.

Annapurna Circuit

This is one of the most spectacular and varied treks in the world. It is an ideal trek for first-time visitors to Nepal and those who are new to trekking. This gives trekkers a chance to explore the Himalayas from the bottom to the top, as they travel through lush green valleys, canyons, terraced fields, traditional Tibetan villages, and further into higher alpine valleys.


Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

This trek draws people each year due to the impressive amphitheatre of both the Annapurna Sanctuary and Annapurna I, one of the world’s highest peaks. The Annapurna Sanctuary is also ideal for people new to trekking as the overall altitudes are relatively moderate and the itinerary is designed to provide a steady rate of acclimatisation. On this trek, you will be surrounded by views of dramatic mountains and glaciers, with the best views of these being as you enter the Sanctuary.

Dhaulagiri Circuit

Jagged Globe offers places on this trek to those who have previous trekking experience of over 5,000 metres. The Dhaulagiri Circuit is a rugged trek to the west of the Annapurnas, where you enter “Hidden Valley” – an extremely remote hanging valley, the crossing of which gives this trek more of an expedition-feel. From this valley you can either climb the non-technical Dhampus Peak, or descend from the Thorong La on the Annapurna Circuit.