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Dhami’s Story

Dhami is a 25 year old lady who lives in the Bajura district, Far West Nepal with her family of four. Dhami has hearing issues and her family is very poor, with her husband conducting seasonal work in India to earn money. This means that she struggles to meet her families daily needs.

When Dhami was pregnant for the first time, she was referred to the Kolti Primary Healthcare Centre from Jaganatha Health Post, as she had started to experience abnormal symptoms during her pregnancy. While taking her history, her guardian (mother in-law) shared that it has already been a day since her labour pain had started. During the observation at the local health post, it was noted that the baby’s head was crowning however without any contractions.

Her labour had already been 21 hours and throughout the check up she looked calm, with no symptoms of labour. The PHASE Nepal team therefore placed Dhami in a comfortable position, checked the foetal heart rate was checked, and 5 units of oxytocin IV fluid was started with increasing rates at 10 drops. After Dhami was supported to empty her bladder, finally strong contractions started.

As her perineum was tight she was supported with episiotomy and finally a 2800 grams female baby was delivered! However, the baby was stained with meconium and there was strong smell of amniotic fluid in the room. With the baby looking bluish and the Apgar being3/10, this was a concerning situation.

Quickly the PHASE Nepal team supported the baby with resuscitation, using ventilation with a bag and mask, and after a minute the baby cried and the skin colour started to return to normal. The baby was then taken to mother for skin to skin care!

Her guardian shared, “Her labour was already too long, I thought at least my daughter-in –law would be saved. But thanks to PHASE sisters for the wonderful service, both the mother and baby are at good health now.”

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Across all of the districts PHASE works in, Bajura evidences the highest rates of food poverty.

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