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At just 10 years old, Kanchha dropped out of school and gave up on his studies after reaching grade 4. His family are extremely poor and live in a small hut constructed from tin sheets they received after the earthquake. He is the youngest of four siblings. Both his older sisters are married and his older brother is working in India to support his family financially. After his brother left, Kanchha was unable to continue his studies as he had to support his family with household chores.

The PHASE staff became aware of Kanchha during their door to door visits. They had a discussion with his parents and convinced them to enrol their son into school once again. After his parents agreed, PHASE liaised with the principle of Kanchha’s local secondary school. The principle, Mr. Gurung believes that that every child has the right to education, and consequently Kanchha was enrolled in school where he left off.

Beginning grade 4 again, the age gap between Kanchha and his classmates made him initially nervous. However, he was surprised to see the changes to the school. The blackboards are now whiteboards. Teachers were using different techniques such as pictures, charts and other materials. The sports facilities in the school had also improved, the children were now able to play volleyball, football, ludo and other games during their break times.

All these factors have created a conducive learning environment in the school. Kanchha is ecstatic with the new and improved school and is so thankful to PHASE staff for convincing his parents to enrol him again. Committed to his studies and continuing his education now, more than ever.

Keep an eye out for The Big Lottery Fund project story #3 coming soon!

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