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Pemba Gurung is a prime example of how skills acquired through training can change a person’s life. The 21-year-old from Kashiguan passed his secondary school exams and the future looked bright. However, when his older brother went to the Gulf to seek employment, he gave up his studies to support his parents with household chores and agriculture work. With no source of income, he planned to follow his brother to the Gulf to earn money. However after talking with friends, he understood that to get a good job in the Gulf countries, he needed to gain a set of skills.

This is when Pemba came across PHASE Nepal. Under the BLF programme, PHASE provides vocational training to young people so that they can then utilise their skills to earn a livelihood. Pemba had the option to choose between tailoring or electrician training. He opted for the latter. After making the two-day journey to Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, he undertook 30 days of training organised by PHASE.

Upon completion, Pemba returned to his village in the hope of using the skills learned in his training and earning money to support his family. As a result of the earthquake, much of the infrastructure and many houses were severely damaged. Newly constructed houses need wiring and electrical work – Pemba had the opportunity to work in one of the houses. It was the first time that Pemba had earned money on his own and he was overjoyed. He gave the money to his parents, who were equally happy to see their son putting the skills he learned to good use and earning money.

This was only the beginning for Pemba, his career as an electrician has gone from strength to strength. He had a contract working at a health post in Kashiguan which was under construction. Following this, he worked in Keraunja, Manbu and Chumi health posts which enabled him to earn over £300. The increase in the volume of his work means that Pemba is a very busy person.

No longer wanting or needing to go abroad, he is able to support his family from home as a result of the training provided by PHASE. Pemba acquired the necessary skills which enable him to generate an income generation in his own community. In the future, he plans to enhance his skills as an electrician and has requested that PHASE Nepal inform him if they plan to organise advanced electrician training.

Keep an eye out for The Big Lottery Fund project story #2 coming soon!

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