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Our patron Rosie Swale Pope MBE is an inspirational woman who has previously broken world records by running 20,000 miles around the world unsupported. She is currently running from Britain to Berlin with an ice cart strapped to her, raising support and awareness for PHASE Worldwide and Prostate Cancer UK.

This feat of a mission sees her crossing four countries and covering 669 miles. Since setting off on July 17th, Rosie has made in down the coast of England, over the channel to Dunkirk, across Northern France and, as of last week, into Belgium. Whilst making visits along the way to schools and supporters, Rosie is taking great care to ensure her hip is holding up, having broken it in January but being determined to undertake the journey nonetheless. Her cart named ‘Ice Chick’, strapped to her back across the journey, allows Rosie to be self-sufficient across the journey and doubles up as her bed for the night.

This is not the first time Rosie has undertaken astonishing journeys in support of PHASE worldwide. In 2015, she ran with her cart for 29 days from London to Yorkshire, and in April 2003 ran the length of Nepal, breaking a world record by completing the 1,700km journey in just 68 days.

She is aiming to arrive into Berlin on her 73rd birthday – and we don’t doubt she will manage it! What an incredible and truly inspiring mission, and we are extremely grateful to Rosie for the work she is doing to spread awareness about PHASE Worldwide and the work that we do.

If you would like to keep updated with Rosie’s journey and the positive and inspiring messages she is sharing, you can follow her on twitter at @RosieSwalePope, or find out more on her website: www.rosieswalepope.co.uk