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Nepal: Resilience on the Roof of the World is a beautiful and inspiring photography exhibition highlighting the culture, hopes and energy of the people we work with in isolated Nepalese villages. This colourful and dynamic exhibition is particularly pertinent almost two years following the devastating earthquake in Nepal where many people lost their homes and families.

The event was first held at gallery@oxo from the 22nd – 26th February 2017.

The exhibition features work from the following photographers…

Charlie Campbell

Charlie Campbell is a London based professional photographer who visited our remote project areas in Humla, Far West Nepal in April 2014.  Charlie’s work has been published in numerous prestigious publications including The Guardian Weekend Magazine, Saturday Telegraph Magazine, Wallpaper, GQ, Dazed and Confused and 100 Days of Active Resistance, from Vivienne Westwood. Her clients include British Airways, Sony, New Look, and BBC4 and she has recently shot the “This Girl Can” campaign launched by Sport England – www.charliecampbell.co.uk A selection of Charlie’s photos from Nepal can be found at www.phaseworldwide.org/gallery/humla.

Jose Vegas

Jose Vegas is a Bristol based professional photographer. He travelled throughout Nepal to locations ranging from remote villages in the Himalayas to densely populated urban cities for three months in order to document the country’s wonderful culture. He is co-founder and photographer for LibreVille Film Productions. He has also had work commissioned for music festivals such as The Secret Garden, Shambala, Womad, Sunrise Celebration and many others as well as having multiple publications in AvuelaPluma Newspaper. More of Jose Vegas photos are be found at www.josevegas.co.uk.

Aron Klein

Aron Klein (www.aronklein.co.uk) is a professional photographer from London, specialising in music and editorial photography and has worked on an extraordinarily diverse range of jobs from capturing Burning Man in the Nevada desert, through to documenting pilgrims at the world’s highest pilgrimage site on the roof of the world in Tibet.

As well as original art by..

Manish Horizon

Manish Horizon (www.manishhorizon.com) is a controversial contemporary Artist of Nepal. He was born in 1985, the western Himalayas village of Nepal in the poor family background. His works took the basic concept about contemporary social issues, social boundaries, social discrimination, and torture and traditional perspective still dominant in the contemporary time. He has own two solo exhibition in Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal.

ML Art

ML Art (http://mlart21.wixsite.com/mlart-21) is a self-taught freelance artist from Kathmandu Nepal. She focuses primarily on detailed pen and ink illustrations and traditional mural painting.

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