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PHASE supporters are always up for a challenge, we wanted to give a special mention to those who have supported us recently, are about to embark on a personal challenge and mention what we have coming up!

Nick Alexander cycles over the Pyrenees raising £707 for PHASE Worldwide!


Nick Alexander, chief executive of Garnett Dickinson (the parent company for the Rotherham Advertiser rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk), participated in a charity bike ride over the Pyrenees, raising a staggering £707 for PHASE Worldwide. We asked Nick a few questions about his mammoth 5-day journey cycling from the Atlantic Ocean, over the Pyrenees, to the Mediterranean Sea and why he chose to raise money for PHASE Worldwide.

What made you decide to cycle over the Pyrenees? ‘How do you fancy cycling over the Pyrenees?’ was a question put to me over a beer. ‘Why not, how bad can it be?’ and so began a journey. Each year I try to do something out of the ordinary to raise money for charity so the challenge was set. In the past I have jumped off tall structures attached to a piece of elastic and also climbed multiple mountains within a limited timescale. 

Did you have to overcome any physical hardships before or during the challenge? Yes! Bruises, cuts, dehydration, swollen joints, trapped nerves, muscle numbness, to name just a few.

What distance did the ride cover? The ride was 700km and took in 11 major cols, climbing a total of 37,700 feet (nearly 10,000 feet higher than Everest) and burning an estimated 55,000 calories.

What kind of equipment did you have with you? We had linked technology of on-board bike data, heart rate, Twitter, audio and pictures to our web site. You could plot my progress on Google Earth as I rode and send live Twitter messages (of encouragement) which I received during the ride and the on-board computer read out to me.

Why did you decide to raise money for PHASE Worldwide? The challenge was tough but easy compared to the challenges of daily life for many PHASE Worldwide’s beneficiaries.

PHASE Supporters walk on Fire!

Thank you and well done to the 27 PHASE supporters who walked over coals burning at 1235 degree Farenheit on Friday 20th April to raise money for PHASE.  If you would be interested in hosting a Firewalk in your area please contact admin@phaseworldwide.org

Keep on Running! 

In March, 10 PHASE supporters braved the cold and the English countryside by taking on a Rat Race 10K Night Run.  It was amazing fun but a difficult challenge as the course involved river crossing in waist deep water, climbing over hay bayles, knee deep mud and finished by jumping over wall almost double the size of some of those running all in the pitch black – it was all worth it as the team raised over £3,500 for PHASE.

On the 13th May Rachael Russell will take on her personal challenge by running a gruelling 13 miles of the Leeds Half Marathon – check out her page here.  And later in the month (27th May) three PHASE supporters Vicki Kent, Julie Bennett, Jess Ellis will take on Sheffield Half Marathon, they hope to run in under 2 hours but this is not just any challenge for them, Julie said “To encourage you lovely folk to give more generously, we are adding another level to the pain of running for an inordinate amount of time by dressing up…. as characters from the lion king. No, not the hero and heroine, no not even Zazu. But… the comedy duo Timon and Pumba and the wise old monkey, Rafiki!”  Support them here 

Dragon Boat and 3 Peaks

PHASE always have something on the go for outgoing and adventurous supporters – The annual PHASE three peaks challenge is an absolute highlight of our year and involves climbing the three highest peaks, respectively, in Scotland, England and Wales, within one day – with luck, within 24 hours!  Join us on the weekend of 27th – 29th July.

PHASE are also calling on companies, organisations and groups of friends from across the North of England to see if they have what it takes to Dragon boat race.  This is an ancient Chinese tradition and the fastest growing (and most fun) water activity in Britain today! On 1st July the biggest event of the PHASE year, the Dragon Boat Challenge, will take place at Manvers Lake in South Yorkshire – just find10 friends to enter a team.  If you can’t get together a full team we are seeking 33 very special people to row our three PHASE boats – no previous experience required, just a sense of adventure and a commitment to raise a £100.

For more information or if you want to take on your own personal challenge contact us at admin@phaseworldwide.org