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If you are trying to get into the International Development field, gaining practical work experience is, in my opinion, the most important thing you will need to do. When I finished my Masters in International Development, I thought I would be inundated with job offers, sadly not the case! Not that it isn’t useful, but it is an incredibly hard field to get in to and, in my experience, more important to employers is that you have experience working at a charity. After realising this myself, I decided to go on the lookout for charities in Bristol which I liked the sound of and found PHASE Worldwide.

When we discussed the possibility of me coming in weekly to help out, they were really flexible around my existing work commitments, so it was really easy to find a plan that suited us both. Ever since I have been coming in once a week.

My time here as a fundraising intern has been really great. Everybody at the charity, as in most small charities, had a really heavy work load and so I tried to help out with whatever was needed most that week. But they were really great in giving me varied tasks so that I could experience different aspects of charity work. Because it is a small team you don’t feel like an intern as I thought of one before, I was given really interesting and worthwhile tasks to do each week. Because of this, not only did I learn a lot, but it also gave me brilliant practical experience that I could use to improve my CV.

It is also an excellent opportunity to be part of a charity working towards such a great goal. After speaking to the team about the work, and reading about the projects, it is obvious they are doing some incredibly important work. The ability to contribute, even in a really small way, to the ongoing progress PHASE are facilitating in Nepal, is amazing.

Today is, sadly, my last day interning at PHASE Worldwide. I have been offered a job at a charity in London, this I accredit a lot to the experience I gained interning for PHASE. It was so helpful to have this internship to discuss in the interview – I don’t think we would have had much to talk about otherwise! It has definitely been a really worthwhile experience, one that I would recommend to anyone trying to get into the International Development field.

Lizzie Barnard, June 2018

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