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11 December is International Mountain Day – celebrating the role beautiful mountains around the world play in moving the world towards sustainable economic growth. The Himalayas are home to the worlds highest peaks, a truly stunning vista!  However, for many of the communities we support in Nepal, the mountains can lead to isolation and a lack of access to essential services and opportunities.

International Mountain Day kicks off our #MountainToClimb campaign.

For remote communities there are literal mountains that they must climb in order to access services and achieve goals. For you, your #MountainToClimb may be metaphorical – something you must or desire to overcome or push yourself through. Whether your ‘mountain’ is a light-hearted challenge like giving up chocolate, a personal goal like running a marathon, or a real adversity like many people face in Nepal, we want to hear from you.

On 11 December 2016, let’s come together and share our mountains in life.

Watch our showreel here:

We want you to get involved by making your own #MountainToClimb video or image.

Just write #MountainToClimb on a piece of card or paper, hold it up and tell the camera what your mountain to climb is…. Share this with all your friends and encourage them to make their own videos.

See us on the UN International Mountain Day page

If you would like to post something on social media to support us, but don’t think you’ll remember on 11 December, we’ve set up something called a Thunderclap that does it all for you – Thunderclap – International Mountain Day Just follow the link, click on a red button to choose which social media and Thunderclap will post your support for you on 11 December – easy!

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View our gallery of #MountainToClimb pictures