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Lokendra is 25 years old and works as an Education Development Facilitator for PHASE Nepal, he has been with the organisation for two years. He is from the Bajura district in far west Nepal, but currently works in Gorkha district. Lokendra has a two year old daughter at home, who he doesn’t get to see very often. Lokendra has a bachelor’s degree in ‘Populations’ which is a combination of geography, sociology and health and has completed a 15 month training course in ‘Social Mobilisation’.

Lokendra started working for PHASE as a Social Mobiliser in Bajura District as part of the DFID project team, his role there was to form and facilitate farmers groups and help to conduct livelihood activities. Three months ago he was promoted and became an Education Development Facilitator in Gorkha as part of the Big Lottery Project.

He likes his job because he is very interested in working in development. He learnt about development when NGOs came to work in the area where he lived. Lokendra feels that PHASE is different to other organisations because the projects are integrated, PHASE don’t just focus on one issue like health.

Lokendra feels his work in Bajura was successful as before the project started people didn’t eat vegetables or Dal, the community’s diet was mainly bread and rice. However, this has changed and the community is growing vegetables to eat. The Social Mobilisers led this change by talking about the importance of eating a varied diet. Lokendra said “it was difficult to convince people at first but we set up some demonstration plots and worked with a few farmers who were interested as role models and people soon started to follow.”

In his new role he wants to support schools in Kashigaun and Keraunja become better, he wants to focus on improving enrollment rates and reducing the number of children who drop out of school early. He feels that many people drop out because of immediate financial needs and don’t make the link between education and improved jobs and livelihoods in the future.

Lokendra (far right) with the teaching team at Shree Surya Devi School

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