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“This is Sangita. At just 20 years old she has been running the health post in Manbu with another health worker for several months. Sangita grew up in a small village in the hills about a day ‘s journey from Kathmandu. Her parents are farmers but were keen that their 4 children should have the opportunity of a good career. Sangita’s sister is training to be a teacher and her brother is doing a diploma in agriculture.

Trained as an ANM (auxiliary nurse midwife, 18 months training), Sangita is very capable of looking after women through pregnancy, delivery and in the postnatal period. But as the only health professional for miles around, she is also acting as the local GP, dentist and A&E doctor! She performs home visits and attends home deliveries.

Her role also includes education of the local population on the benefits of hygiene, good nutrition, immunisation, family planning and regular checks during pregnancy.

During my short visit to Manbu last week I observed her assess and manage a wide range of primary care problems such as chest infections, diarrhoea, joint pains and hypertension checks, and also identify and treat cases of probable typhoid fever. Saturday is a holy day and the health workers usually have a day off. However Sangita opened the clinic three times last Saturday to attend emergencies, including seeing a two year old with a deep laceration on his cheek which she expertly sutured.

Sangita works calmly with a professional manner, is fastidious about cleanliness, and is clearly respected and liked by the local population.

I asked Sangita what she likes about working as an ANM and what challenges she faces. She replied that, despite the isolation and missing her family and friends, she loves the work she does and is proud to be delivering care and education to the local population.”

Sharon Drewett, GP Volunteer, November 2017

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