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Our Work in Kavrepalanchok, Nepal

There are small government health centres in the Kavrepalanchok district, but these are vastly under-staffed – resulting in people needing emergency assistance either having to make the long journey to Kathmandu or the district’s headquarters. This shortage of close medical treatment causes many deaths.

Map of the Kavrepalanchok district, Nepal

Map of the Kavrepalanchok district, Nepal

PHASE works in the Rayale community area of Kavrepalanchok, offering support to a total of 4,302 people. This community is a mix of several ethnic minorities – the vast majority of whom are Brahmin and Tamang, with smaller proportions of Chhetree, Gharti and Newar too.

Our integrated community development programme of health, education and livelihoods projects has become established in this district.

In the last couple of years, our Nepalese staff have been able to provide much vital training to the communities of Rayale.

In 2013-2014 in Kavrepalanchok…

A total of 301 farmers from Kavrepalanchok, as well as Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk, were trained in off-season vegetable cultivation – enabling them to gain vital knowledge of growing produce during the harsher months in the mountainous terrain of the Himalayas. This will empower the communities to develop more nutritious diets, and gain essential knowledge which they can teach to children and future generations.

Our Nepalese education staff in their partnership with Nepal Teacher Training Innovations delivered six awareness level training sessions in the Kavrepalanchok, Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk districts. 180 teachers from 36 different government schools attended these and developed skills in teaching through creative, critical-thinking methods as opposed to the traditional rote learning.

Teachers from the UK can also volunteer with our education staff in Nepal. Sally Earthrowl, a Geography teacher from London, volunteered in the Kavrepalanchok district in the summer of 2014. Along with the education team from our Kathmandu office, Sally worked with the teaching staff in Kavrepalanchok training them in the benefits of using practical, child-centred learning, which included flash cards, games, shared stories and rhymes.

Our health project in Kavrepalanchok

PHASE also delivers its health project in the Kavrepalanchok district. Dr. Gerda Pohl, one of the founders of PHASE and a Trustee, runs our highly successful programme of experienced medical professionals (typically GPs) from the UK volunteering with our Nepalese health staff to provide training and support.

Maddi, a second year student midwife, volunteered with our Nepalese health staff in Rayale. She witnessed first-hand the successful implementation of family planning and regular antenatal care, and the warmth and kindness of our staff. She describes how:

“Despite working and living together, spending most of their waking hours as a threesome, there was never a quiet moment, with constant laughter or chatter. Surely this is one of the greatest successes of the PHASE project in Rayale; a team which enjoys their life and work, and passes this happiness onto the community through their compassionate and proficient health care.”

Lucy Loveday, a GP from the South West of England, volunteered in Nepal for 11 weeks in 2014. She, along with her husband and their young son, visited Rayale in Kavrepalanchok as well as Manbu in Gorkha and Fulpingkot in Sindhupalchowk. Lucy was welcomed by all the staff she worked in – she was taught how to make several popular dishes in Nepal and had her hair dyed with soya bean by our health staff in Rayale.

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