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Run your own Event

Running your own event is a fun and fulfilling way to support our work in Nepal. There are plenty of great ways to get involved with PHASE Worldwide. Whether you are planning on running a cake sale, a workshop or a marathon, fundraising is about you using your talents to share ideas and generate support.

We appreciate that organising an event can seem like a lot of work. That’s why we have put together this online guide to fundraising.

Step 1 (Deciding what to do):

A fundraising journey is all about you. The event you choose to run should be an expression of the skills you have. If you want to push yourself, push yourself in a direction you are willing to go in. Ask your friends and family what they think your talents are, this is always a good way to generate some early support.

Here is a list of some of the fundraising events people have run in the past. Some work better for individual fundraisers whilst some suit community groups, schools and offices more:

  • Personal Challenge
    • This could be a walk or a swim, make it something challenging yet achievable.
  • Give something up
    • Perhaps you’ve been wanting to give up on a bad habit, and need some motivation. Give up your guilty treats, cycle to work instead of driving, or perhaps you could partake in a sponsored silence.
  • Games events
    • Invite your friends over for a day of games in the sunshine, or host an evening with food, wine and scrabble. Games are a great way to spark people’s interest. Maybe you could even theme them around Nepal.
  • Provide a service
    • This could be car washing, window cleaning, leaf sweeping and grass cutting. You can also contact your local supermarkets and offer to pack people’s bags for a donation. Coordinate these with holidays to reach as many people as possible.
  • Selling stuff
    • This is the classic fundraising event. Bake some cakes or make some crafts and sell them at a local event, car-boot sale, market or in your own home. You might also want to run a clothes swap and charge people a very small amount of money to enter.
  • Donations instead of presents
    • Let your friends and family know that instead of getting a present this year, that they should make a donation to PHASE Worldwide instead.
  • Food and drinks events
    • Come dine with PHASE! Gather your friends and family around some home cooked food, afternoon tea or morning coffee. Talk about why you are fundraising and enjoy good food all at the same time.
  • Music/film events
    • Better for large groups, a film night, music night, talent show or a play could work to entice people to come together in support of PHASE.
  • Raffles
    • Raffles work amazingly in conjunction with any event you put on.

Step 2 (Planning):

Once you’ve decided what it is you want to do, it’s time to lock it in. Whether you are signing up to participate, booking a venue or arranging time off work, its best to do this as early as possible and to set the date. Once that’s done, you can start preparing.

It’s best to give yourself as much time as possible when planning for your events. Having regular training or planning sessions in the build-up will help you feel in control and will ultimately lead to you putting on an amazing support event.

If you want to design any materials for your event, feel free to use the PHASE Worldwide logo. You are also more than welcome to borrow any of our banners, t-shirts and collections boxes from our offices in Bristol and Rotherham.

Step 3 (Fundraising):

Make sure that people know you are raising money at your event. Collection boxes are a great way to raise a few extra pounds on the day.

Sponsored events are best managed online. You can set up your very own fundraising page through the fundraising platform, Everyday Hero. Just follow the instructions here to set up your page.

If you find online fundraising a little daunting, not to worry! You can print off our offline sponsorship form and get your friends and family to sign up to sponsor you on paper.

Additionally, you can download and print off some of our supporter sign up forms to bring along to your event. Our supporter sign up form will enable people to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and our regular giving form can be filled in and sent back to us by anyone who would like to become a regular giver.

Step 4 (Spreading the word):

Getting the word out there is half the battle. These days, one of the biggest tools at your disposal is social media. Letting people know clearly, what you are doing and why you are doing it is essential. The best social media platforms for fundraising are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Regular updates should be made linking to your fundraising page. Updates could be about your progress in training, how you are dealing with certain challenges, which ingredients you are buying for which cakes. Stories help people get involved with what you are doing, and will make them more likely to support you. Posting to as many social media platforms as possible is a great way to widen your influence.

You should also share information about PHASE Worldwide and the work we are doing in Nepal. You can find an overview our work here. Alternatively, you should direct people towards our website and our blog where people can read about our work for themselves.

Creating an event on Facebook is the best way to help people save the date. However, do not underestimate good old fashioned conversation. Word of mouth and telephone calls help make your journey personal. Posters and flyers provide more than just a nostalgic touch. Ask all of your friends to put something up in their windows or at work.

Conventional press is still a good way to share your fundraising to a wider audience. Contact local newspapers and radio stations with your story. Let them know why you are doing what you are doing and tell them about the work that PHASE is currently supporting. Start local and work your way up.

Please get in touch with us as well, we love to hear about all the amazing things our supporters get up to in the name of PHASE Worldwide. We’d be more than happy to share your progress and successes on our social media too.

Step 5 (The Event):

Whatever you are doing, this part is up to you. Just bear in mind that the hard work you are putting in is for a good cause. We hope that you get as much support as possible for the big day. Be sure to let us know as soon as you have completed your event so that we can share your successes.

Also make sure that you thank everybody who supported you in your fundraising. They will often be very interested in the outcome, so share it with them, and let them know where and what the money is going towards.

If you have any further questions about putting on your own supporter event, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Thank you for choosing to support PHASE Worldwide.