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At PHASE we believe that the corporate sector has an important role to play in the fight against poverty. That’s why we work in partnership with companies to create lasting change that makes the world a fairer place for all. At PHASE we want to work with you to harness passion and expertise which deliver innovative, creative and successful solutions to poverty, we aim to add value and ensure a personally tailored and mutually beneficial approach to corporate partnerships.

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Who does PHASE currently work with?

PHASE have a range of existing corporate partnerships – click here

What are the benefits of corporate – charity partnerships?

A relationship between your organisation and PHASE Worldwide would contribute depth and strength to your brand image and customer engagement. Corporate partnerships bring increased customer loyalty, staff motivation and brand exposure.

Corporate fundraising contributes to team building, personal achievements and seeing one’s company and colleagues in a positive light – a great way to motivate staff and foster team spirit, whilst raising money for people living in extreme poverty.

We can work with you to develop a PR plan which will help your company demonstrate the benefits you are delivering to the global community. PHASE can provide a comprehensive corporate fundraising pack, materials (e.g. collection tins, posters, sponsor forms, stickers) and merchandise to support your fundraising.

How can your company be involved?

There are lots of ways your company can get involved with PHASE:

  • Choose us as your Charity of the Year – we can work with you to plan a calendar of events
  • Entering teams in our challenge events – whether it’s trekking overseas or team-building activities, we provide your employees the opportunity to learn new skills and develop personally and professionally – click here
  • Sponsor one of our challenge events and receive our sponsorship package.
  • Donate in kind by contributing your time, expertise or services
  • Invite a PHASE speaker to one of your business events

We will work to develop a partnership plan which suits you, linking our charity aims with your company aims.


PHASE are special because:

  • We are a medium sized organisation, large enough to pride ourselves on professionalism but small enough to be extremely efficient in offering big impacts for small investments
  • We work in some of the most remote areas in the world, where there is very high need
  • Our GP volunteering scheme is growing and provides the opportunity for UK doctors to share their clinical skills in Nepal
  • PHASE stands for Practical Help Achieving Self-Empowerment and we do exactly that, believing that charity should lead to dignity not dependency
  • Our staff team in Nepal are all Nepalese and we work with the government and local communities to establish integrated and sustainable basic service provision

To see a full list of our core values click here

Through partnering with PHASE you can make a huge difference to the lives of communities who are in great need. Last year PHASE Worldwide saw over 75,000 patients across 16 health posts – all in extremely remote area of the Nepalese Himalayas. Some of the areas we work in are more than 6 days walk from the nearest road or market town!

Due to the lack of essential medicines and health awareness, children in Nepal die from simple illnesses like pneumonia or diarrhoea. Malnutrition rates are alarmingly high, as are maternal and child mortality rates.  Since 2006 we have been providing maternal and child healthcare, medicines, emergency response, health education and support to immunisation programmes in areas that have no existing services.  Our work saves lives.

PHASE is a UK registered charity, with its offices in Bristol.  As we believe it takes a holistic approach to provide sustainable solutions to poverty, we don’t just work in health – we also implement education and livelihood opportunities in local communities.

Find out more

To find out more details about how a partnership can work for you,

email: jonathan@phaseworldwide.org