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GP Mentoring in Nepal Application Form


  • (if no CV, please list your medical qualifications and employment history in a word document).
  • Briefly outline the relevant skills and experience that you have. Please include and voluntary work undertaken.
  • In this section, please include your reasons for wanting to volunteer for PHASE, your hobbies and your interests, personal qualities and any other information relevant to your application.
  • Please specify if you have any particular time constraints and whether there are any areas or circumstances in which you would not be able to work.
  • Please list here any pre-existing medical conditions or allergies and whether you are taking medication regularly. This will not usually cause any problems but it will be helpful so that we can advise you of any additional restrictions or precautions.
  • Please list the name, organisation, address and email of at least one referee who PHASE may contact. The person should be able to vouch for your professional abilities and character.
  • If you have any other questions or comments you may write them here.