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The Get up and Grow £50 Challenge

Are you ready to get up from your desks, away from your screens and grow £50 into as much as possible to help communities in Nepal?

How does it work? 

It’s simple – we’ll give you £50, covered by our corporate partner, and challenge you to get out there and get to know your colleagues better by raising money together. 

You’ll have three months to raise as much money as possible before the winning team is crowned in November. At the end, you’ll all have an awards night to celebrate your achievements.  

But there’s a catch, NO COMPUTERS ALLOWED! 

None of us remember how we did things before computers, and that’s your challenge, you’ll have to think creatively, work as a team and get out there to raise money.  

Why grow?  

The funds raised will help grow remote communities in Nepal into healthy and prosperous ones. We run sustainable projects in the most remote areas of Nepal in healthcare, education, and livelihoods, and strengthening local government services.  

Our Work Supports  
  • Female farmers to grow confidence, resilience and a voice to drive change and provide nutritious food for their communities
  • Smallholder farmers to grow their household income and the local economy  
  • Pregnant women to grow and give birth to healthy babies  
  • Babies and infants to grow into healthy children  
How will this help PHASE Worldwide? 

Last year we supported 50,000 people across Nepal. With your support, we can increase the number of people we reach, and continue to change lives.  

Why should your business take part?  
  • Improves employee wellbeing and engagement  
  • Builds a stronger staff team 
  • Encourages a culture of creativity and innovation  
  • Getting people out of their comfort zones, building confidence, people skills
  • Drives personal and professional skills development at a minimal cost to the company
  • A fun, engaging way to meet your corporate social responsibility targets
  • Great way to network with other businesses
  • Overall, an excellent excuse to get away from your desk, take part in a challenge and an awards evening to celebrate your achievements at the end, all in the name of a great cause 


July and August 

Recruitment to the challenge. If you’re interested in signing up, let us know, and we’ll have a meeting to introduce you to our work and the challenge. 

Early September 

We’ll welcome you to our launch event in Bristol where we will present you with your £50 cheque and give you the chance to meet the other businesses taking part. This is officially the start of the three-month campaign. 

September, October, and November  

You’ll be busy growing the original £50 investment and our team will support you throughout with PR and marketing opportunities.  

Late November  

Our campaign finishes. We’ll bring everyone back together to celebrate your successes at our awards evening in Bristol. 

Interested in signing up or want more details?

Let us know and we’ll get in touch.