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Supper Club

16 Oct 19

World Food Day is a day of action dedicated to combating global hunger. It is celebrated on October 16th every year across the globe and marks the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation that forms part of the UN.

This year’s theme is not just about ending hunger, but nourishing people. It is crucial to note that whilst millions suffer from hunger across the world, obesity is a growing problem that spans all nations. As globalisation and urbanisation take hold, people make the switch towards unhealthy foods and more sedentary lifestyles, sending obesity rates soaring.

This year, World Food Day makes a call to action for all sectors to make healthy and sustainable food choices available to all. For this reason, PHASE Worldwide invites you to host a supper club for you and your friends to raise money for our #ZeroHunger work in Nepal.

More information

For more information, view our Supper Club Information Pack.

How to organise your Supper Club event.

Your supper club can be anything you want it to be, whether that be a picnic in the park or a sit down dinner party. You can find lots of helpful tips on our supporter events page, but here are some useful things to consider when planning your supper club event:

  • Location: This is entirely up to you and largely depends on the number of guests you invite and the type of supper you want to make. You could host it in your home, local park or town hall…
  • Number of guests: Again, this is your choice, and may depend on the location that you have decided on. The more people you invite, the more dishes people may bring, and the more money you will raise!
  • What to cook: You may already have some classic recipes that you love to cook, but if you are looking for some inspiration for traditional Nepali recipes, why not try our delicious daal recipe?
  • Send out invites: Creating an event on Facebook is a really easy way to get people to save the date. But word-of-mouth and calling up friends can be a more personal way to get the invitation out. Sending out handwritten invitations can be even better.
  • How to donate: The easiest way for you may be to have your guests give cash on the evening, or you may prefer to set up a fundraising page through Everyday Hero to receive donations. You could also print off one of our supporter sign up forms to bring along to your event.
  • Picking a date: whilst World Food Day is on October 16th, your supper club event can be whenever suits you best.

We’d love to discuss things with you further, either over email by emailing [], or over the phone on 01179 166 423. Let us know if you plan on hosting a supper club event and we would be happy to support you on your fundraising journey.