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Feast for Good

1 Oct 22 - 31 Oct 22

Partnering with Bristol restaurants to support communities to tackle global food insecurity and hunger

Feast for Good is a campaign set up as a collaboration between two Bristol charities – Square Food Foundation and PHASE Worldwide. By working in partnership with local restaurants throughout October, the campaign aims to inspire Bristol to tackle global food insecurity and hunger. It does this by supporting food education and nutrition-focused projects both locally as well as in some of the world’s most remote communities. 

What do the Restaurants have to do?

To take part in Feast for Good, participating restaurants can choose to do either one, or both of the following activities during the month of October 2022: 

  • Put out Feast for Good table cards with every customer’s bills for the duration of the month – stating that an optional £1 donation has been added to the bill to support the campaign. 

  • Hold an optional ‘Feast for Good’ event on a night of their choice during that month in the restaurant. The restaurant must promote the feast themselves to their customers who can purchase tickets for the night with the proceeds going to the campaign. We recommend that the feast has a sharing element as part of the meal with a concept of the restaurant’s choosing. The restaurant can price the tickets for the night as they see appropriate for their customers. Local suppliers are often happy to sponsor these events with food or wine donations. Cross-collaborations between restaurants are also encouraged!

At the end of the month, the money raised from each restaurant will be divided between the two charities and a cheque presented to each. A full campaign total raised will be announced periodically on social media and updated on the PHASE Worldwide website.

What is the benefit to the restaurants taking part? 

The campaign is a way for a network of socially conscious Bristol restaurants to offer something different for their customers, and join together to tackle issues of global inequality.  Taking part in Feast for Good will provide positive media exposure for all participants, showing that Bristol businesses care about giving back to their own community as well as global issues further afield.

So, whether you’re a restaurant who’s keen to make a difference, or a food lover who’d like to support the campaign – Contact to sign up, or take a look at the list of participating restaurants below to book your table!