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Muga with her chickens

This is Muga Nepali, a 51-year-old mother of four who lives in Natharpu, one of the most remote VDCs of the Mugu district.

Remote villages in Nepal frequently struggle to get their basic needs met, something PHASE is trying to change through the improvement of health, education, and livelihoods programmes. Many people, such as Muga and her family, are reliant on farming for their daily survival, which puts them at risk if the agriculture sector experiences problems, such as changes in climate or crop disease, and means that it is hard for them to save up money to improve their lives.

Muga and her family were beneficiaries of PHASE’s livelihoods programme and received aid from the Chicken Support Programme and the Seeds Distribution Programme. Muga was provided with four chickens, chicken rearing training to help her look after the chickens, and vegetable seeds.

She was able to grow the chickens from about 500g to 4kg, meaning she could sell them for a good price. With the money she received, she bought a female goat which will provide her family with a vital source of income.

Muga has been able to send all her children to the local school, meaning they are able to get an education rather than having to work on the farm all day. Muga says that PHASE has improved her quality of life, and she looks forward to more opportunities to work with PHASE in the future.

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