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“Over the summer months I have been volunteering in the PHASE Worldwide office as a General Administration and Research Volunteer, and it has undoubtedly been a fantastic experience which I will not be soon to forget. Having long been interested in International Development and having spent some time volunteering overseas, I knew that furthering these experiences to offering assistance in an office environment would give me greater insight into the sector, whilst gaining skills and being able to contribute to the fundamental work that PHASE does.

There is something really special in knowing that the work you are doing plays a part in improving thousands of lives, and working with such a dedicated team of people who are constantly thinking of ways to greater their reach is inspiring. From an initial warm welcome to regular check-ins and being very flexible around my other commitments, the staff at the PHASE Worldwide office have contributed to making my experience such an enjoyable one.

With the office being small I have been able to gain insight into all levels of operations, and have been handed a great range of tasks. This has kept things interesting whilst allowing me to build a greater range of skills – such as in report writing, researching, infographic designing, grant writing and event planning. Through the research side of my role I have been made to think about many aspects of the charity sector which I previously hadn’t given a second thought about, and it has allowed me to understand the complexity of operations of even a small charity.

I have also really enjoyed seeing links between my degree in Demography and the work that PHASE does, particularly that in health, with communities in Nepal. Volunteering with PHASE and understanding the work that they do has really allowed me to appreciate the importance and impact in practice of the things I hear about each week in lectures, so that’s been really nice!

I know I will value my time at PHASE for many years to come. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and I wish the best to all future volunteers and interns – enjoy it!”


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