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BBC Radio 4 Appeal Live

PHASE Worldwide’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal is now live 

The appeal follows the story of Jau, a farmer in the Far West of Nepal who is leading the fight against hunger for her family and community. We are delighted that Kate Humble, author, narrator and presenter Has voiced the appeal. An ambassador for rural life, Kate has been a familiar face in some of our best-loved TV shows, including Countryfile, Springwatch and Autumnwatch.

In 2015, Kate visited Nepal for a series called Living with Nomads, experiencing life in some of the world’s most remote communities. Her love of nature, the wilderness and farming makes her the perfect presenter for our appeal, and we hope you enjoy hearing Jau’s story.

The appeal was first broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 5th April at 7.54 am.

The broadcast is now available to listen online on the BBC Radio 4 Appeal website.

Alternatively you can listen to it live again on Sunday 5th April at 9.25 pm and Thursday 9th April at 3.27 pm. 

Please spread the word and tell your friends and family about our appeal.

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