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PHASE Worldwide’s Theory of Change

Our development diagram above highlights our belief that poor health, low educational levels and poverty are all aspects of the same problem.  This creates a cycle, preventing people from taking control of their own futures.  PHASE aims to address these aspects simultaneously, through integrated village development programmes which empower individuals and communities on all levels and support the most vulnerable to break the cycle of poverty.

Programmes Based on Need

Communities are chosen based on need and feasibility; all programmes are developed following an extensive baseline survey, with active community participation.  Sustainability is the main objective of all our work; facilitated by the involvement of beneficiaries at all stages of programme development, and our commitment to the  strengthening and expansion of existing government services.

Health, Education and Livelihoods

We start with health interventions. These are highly valued by people in remote areas with no other access to healthcare and provide a quick way of developing a strong trust relationship between PHASE and the communities in which we work. This facilitates active participation in our education and livelihoods initiatives – enabling us to lay the groundwork for a self-sufficient future. There is also a technical co-operation for cervical cancer prevention in Nepal.

Programmes are being supported in 21 communities. In two project areas progress has reached a point where PHASE can start to plan a controlled reduction of input.