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PHASE is committed to accountability and transparency, and encourages people to talk about all aspects of our work. We want to ensure that we utilise the generous donations we receive wisely and efficiently. In Nepal we want to work together with communities to manage and monitor excellent programmes which have a significant and sustainable impact. We sometimes ask external partners to evaluate our work and you can find those reports below


The International Aid Transparency Initiative

Developing countries face huge challenges in accessing up-to-date information about aid and humanitarian flows – information that they need to plan and manage those resources effectively. Similarly, citizens in developing countries and in donor countries lack the information they need to hold their governments to account for the use of those resources. The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) aims to address these challenges by making information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand.

In 2014 PHASE Nepal undertook an external evaluation

The evaluation stated that PHASE Nepal is, “a first-class organization that is making a significant impact in rural Nepal that is disproportional to its small size. The competence of its leadership, the quality of its staff and its dedication to its mission, vision and values is the reason that it has been so successful. “

PHASE is involved in international research – check our Knowledge Centre

One of the PHASE core values is “knowledge transfer and thought leadership”.  PHASE aims to develop global links so that professionals can share skills and expertise, we want to promote what we have learned as an organisation and seek to undertake research to increase our knowledge and improve our work.

Dr Gerda Pohl (one of the founders of PHASE, a Trustee and our Medical Coordinator based in Nepal) has written about the challenges of monitoring, evaluation and learning.