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We have recently reached the end of the first year of the Kashiguan Health Post project, located in the Gorkha region of Nepal. This project, funded by a generous £7,500 legacy gift, has enabled thousands of people to access vital healthcare.

The project aims to improve access to basic primary health care, reduce maternal mortality and child mortality rates, improve emergency management of severe illnesses, and improve health knowledge and behaviour in the community. The achievements of the first year of the project indicate great progress towards fulfilment of these aims:

  • 2,994 patients visited the health centre, included 621 patients under the age of 5, and 557 under the age of 18
  • 143 emergency medical cases were handled by health staff
  • 27 deliveries of new babies were supported by health staff, and antenatal and postnatal visits were given for expecting mothers and those with newborns
  • 363 family planning appointments were conducted

Public health education campaigns were also undertaken which involved door to door visits, school sessions and community health sessions that were accessible to all. In total, 3,800 people benefitted from the public health education campaigns.

The work being done in Kashiguan is invaluable. Without PHASE being there 3,000 people would’ve been left untreated and 27 babies would’ve arrived in this world without health staff there to make sure they are safe. Together we are making sure that people in Gorkha are getting the care we often take for granted.

This week it’s ‘Remember a Charity’ week – a 7 day celebration of legacy giving heroes like the one we’ve alluded to above. You too could make sure people in Nepal are looked after, even once you are gone. If you are in a position to, why not consider passing on something wonderful and think about giving to PHASE in your will.

You can find more information here: https://phaseworldwide.org/donate-to-phase/gifts-in-wills/ or email Jon at jonathan@phaseworldwide.org