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After the first earthquake struck Nepal, PHASE patron Rosie Swale Pope was thinking of PHASE and all the communities we work with.  Rosie’s determination and amazingly resilient spirit inspires all at PHASE.  She sent us this letter from her solo run across America, two days after the first earthquake…

“It’s true, isn’t it? There is no “them” and “us”, no “you” and “me”, but we! I am sitting beside the beautiful Elk River, in West Virginia and sleeping in total silence and peace inside “Icebird”. But I am hearing the roar of the earthquake in Nepal, feeling pain and fear.

Like everyone else I feel so much honour and respect for those who are helping through this tragedy, but my thoughts are especially with PHASE Worldwide, a small, special organisation working in some of the most remote regions in the world.

One thing is certain, Nepali people will be doing their very best to help each other. Nepal is a land of high mountains, but even higher courage.

A couple of years ago I was very touched and honoured to be asked to be a patron of PHASE Worldwide, a charity that helps some of the world’s most remote people in extremely isolated part of Nepal. PHASE, which stands for Practical Help Achieving Self-Empowerment, was started around a kitchen table in Rotherham by a small group including doctor Dr Gerda Pohl and friends Nick and Marie Cragg – and it has made all the difference to the communities it works with in Nepal.

Among much else, they have sent Dr Gerda and experts in many other fields to train the amazingly gifted and resourceful people of Nepal – as nurses and teachers, and in modern agricultural methods that can be cleverly adapted to the extreme regions. PHASE provides training, tools and means, and then steps away. Their passionate belief and ethos is that people have the ability to do anything and help themselves, especially in harsh regions – with the grit born of thousands of years of living in very tough conditions.

Lives in Nepal are hard at best – and now there has been this terrible earthquake. So much will have to start all over again! Nepali people will do so, but they need more help.

Rosie in Nepal

Rosie in Nepal

As you know I am running across America for cancer awareness and war veterans, and to encourage all the great people making a difference everywhere. I am not fundraising here. I wish to give to all, not take.

However, I ran from London to Rotherham after my knee operation last year – and I would be so grateful if those who sponsored me on the run I did for PHASE could please rally around them again now. Every penny counts.

Please see www.phaseworldwide.org. Please contact Sarah Galvin, PHASE Worldwide’s very caring and brilliant young director. Thank you so much.

I want to remind everyone that they were born unstoppable and that there is no limit to human strength worldwide. I have asked my friends back home to sell my bicycle for PHASE as it is all I have left, I think, of value and every penny counts.  I am also sending every prayer and kind thought; love always makes all the difference.”

Your Patron,

Rosie Swale Pope

27th April 2015

To donate to the PHASE Emergency Earthquake Appeal – click here