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Nepal Teacher Training Innovations (NTTI) is a small local NGO based in Kathmandu, their aim is to improve the quality of teaching in Nepal by encouraging creativity and critical thinking in Nepali classrooms.  NTTI have been doing some fantastic partnership work with PHASE and in 2013 we plan to strengthen this by launching a full partnership.


2013 marks NTTI’s third year of existence and an exciting new chapter of project growth, innovation and long-term sustainability.  NTTI have trained over a thousand teachers across Nepal, including some from extremely remote and under-served parts of the country. These teachers are now better prepared for teaching critical thinking in stimulating, child-friendly environments.  In partnership with PHASE, NTTI has already trained 288 government teachers from remote communities in Sindhupalchowk district. Plans for next year include providing follow up training and teacher support to Sindhupalchowk teachers and training teachers from North Gorkha.

This March PHASE is excited to announce we are launching a full partnership with NTTI.  NTTI will raise funds outside PHASE traditional funding routes (largely in America) to support this work – NTTI will run a girls education programme and teacher training through PHASE and two Nepali NTTI staff will join PHASE Nepal as part of our team from July 2013.  This is an exciting opportunity for PHASE as NTTI’s approach is not just a one-off training, but involves a cycle of trainings and intensive follow-up support for participating teachers.  NTTI achieves not just ‘teacher training’, but a complete and sustainable transformation of schools and communities.  Teachers learn to create nurturing, child-friendly learning environments and, in stark contrast to the current focus on rote learning, teachers learn to encourage creative, critical thinkers capable of handling the real-life challenges and opportunities of the world they live in. By preparing a new generation of enlightened leaders, the NTTI programme provides a proactive approach to solving the prevailing problems of poverty, inequality, and political stagnation in Nepal.


To see a video to gain a better understanding of the work that NTTI does click here.

Below is a story following the PHASE/NTTI teacher training in Sindhulpalchok

Radhika is the only female math teacher in her village.  She is also one of NTTI’s  Mentor  Teachers. Despite being one of the less experienced teachers, Radhika received the award for being the most effective mentor.  She was selected because of her teaching skills as well as her ability to provide constructive feedback to other teachers.  While observing one of her feedback sessions with her colleagues, we were especially impressed with her ability to provide positive comments and specific suggestions for how a lesson could be improved.

When we asked if she found mentoring her male peers challenging, as many of them have more education and teaching experience than she does, she shook her head: “They have been very open to what I have to say”.

The PHASE/NTTI collaboration will contribute to a significant and sustainable improvement in the quality of instruction and to the empowerment of women and girls, especially in some of the most  isolated Himalayan communities.

To learn more about what NTTI does, visit the website: http://www.nepaltti.org/